Pi Tape® Brand .5mm Extended Range Tapes, an economical alternative when an accuracy of .5mm is an acceptable tolerance Where our standard precision diameter tapes have a measuring range of 300mm these .5mm Extended Range Tapes have a measuring range of 1800mm One tape can cover multiple measuring requirements up to 1800mm with other ranges offered below.

Specialty sizes available upon request.

Extended Range Tapes 1095 Spring Steel Metric Purchase Options

Our Extended Range Tapes are available in 1095 Spring Steel material (as shown).

Pi Tape® Brand .5mm Extended Range Tapes      
0"-1800mm .5mm Extended Range Tape EDMM001 228.00 Go to Product Page
1800-3600mm .5mm Extended Range Tape EDMM002 289.00 Go to Product Page
3600-5400mm .5mm Extended Range Tape EDMM003 344.00 Go to Product Page