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Pi Tape® brand White Easy to Read Outside Diameter tapes are best suited for measuring diameters in low-light environments. They are not intended for use with chemicals or in corrosive environments. Tapes with a beginning diameter range under 25.4mm are constructed from 716 Stainless Steel while tapes with a beginning diameter range 25.4mm and larger are constructed from 1095 Spring Steel. White Easy to Read tapes feature dark lines and numerals on a white background.

Each Pi Tape® brand precision measuring tape is furnished with a Calibration Report whose measurement results are traceable through NIST to the international system of units (SI).

 Please click here to view our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certificate of Accreditation (pdf).

Specialty sizes, widths and larger tapes are available upon request.

 2022 Precision Outside Diameter Tape Price List

Outside Diameter White Easy to Read Metric Purchase Options:

Part # Size Gage Width Thickness Offset/Body Width Price Link
PM000WSS 15mm - 50mm 6.35mm 0.18mm 12.7mm 198.00 Go to Product Page
PM0WSS 28mm - 200mm 6.35mm 0.18mm 12.7mm 176.00 Go to Product Page
PM02WSS 28mm - 300mm 6.35mm 0.18mm 12.7mm 193.00 Go to Product Page
PM03WEZ 50mm - 300mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 186.00 Go to Product Page
PM1WEZ 100mm - 300mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 182.00 Go to Product Page
PM1SPWEZ 50mm - 600mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 358.00 Go to Product Page
PM2WEZ 300mm - 600mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 207.00 Go to Product Page
PM2SPWEZ 300mm - 900mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 380.00 Go to Product Page
PM3WEZ 600mm - 900mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 222.00 Go to Product Page
PM3SPWEZ 600mm - 1200mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 396.00 Go to Product Page
PM4WEZ 900mm - 1200mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 260.00 Go to Product Page
PM5WEZ 1200mm - 1500mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 268.00 Go to Product Page
PM6WEZ 1500mm - 1800mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 286.00 Go to Product Page
PM7WEZ 1800mm - 2100mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 336.00 Go to Product Page
PM8WEZ 2100mm - 2400mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 351.00 Go to Product Page
PM9WEZ 2400mm - 2700mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 368.00 Go to Product Page
PM10WEZ 2700mm - 3000mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 385.00 Go to Product Page
PM11WEZ 3000mm - 3300mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 418.00 Go to Product Page
PM12WEZ 3300mm - 3600mm 6.35mm 0.25mm 12.7mm 435.00 Go to Product Page