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Pi Tape® brand 1095 Spring Steel O-Ring Inside Diameter measuring tapes are suitable for use with all materials and in non-corrosive environments.

Each Pi Tape® brand precision measuring tape is furnished with a Calibration Report whose measurement results are traceable through NIST to the international system of units (SI).

Please click here to view our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certificate of Accreditation (pdf). Not all items we calibrate are included in our scope, however the calibration techniques and procedures are all in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Specialty sizes, widths and larger tapes are available upon request.

 O-Ring Inside Diameter Price List

 Custom Made O-Ring Inside Diameter Price List

O-Ring Inside Diameter Tapes 1095 Spring Steel Metric Purchase Options

**The standard width for these tapes is 6.35mm gage member X 12.7mm vernier section.

Part # Size Gage Width Thickness Vernier Section Width Price Link
** RTM03 ** 50 - 300mm I.D. 6.35mm 0.13mm 12.7mm 179.00 Go to Product Page
** RTM1 ** 100 - 300mm I.D. 6.35mm 0.13mm 12.7mm 175.00 Go to Product Page
** RTM1SP ** 50 - 600mm I.D. 6.35mm 0.13mm 12.7mm 269.00 Go to Product Page
RTM2 300 - 600mm I.D. 9.53mm 0.25mm 19.05mm 184.00 Go to Product Page
RTM2SP 300 - 900mm I.D. 9.53mm 0.25mm 19.05mm 284.00 Go to Product Page
RTM3 600 - 900mm I.D. 9.53mm 0.25mm 19.05mm 200.00 Go to Product Page
RTM3SP 600 - 1200mm I.D. 9.53mm 0.25mm 19.05mm 301.00 Go to Product Page
RTM4 900 - 1200mm I.D. 9.53mm 0.25mm 19.05mm 222.00 Go to Product Page
RTM5 1200 - 1500mm I.D. 9.53mm 0.25mm 19.05mm 231.00 Go to Product Page
RTM6 1500 - 1800mm I.D. 9.53mm 0.25mm 19.05mm 250.00 Go to Product Page