In addition to our extensive line of diameter tapes, Pi Tape Texas, LLC also manufactures Precision Linear Measurement Rules. Use vernier in conjunction with linear rule to get 0.1mm resolution. Accuracy 0.2mm on rules (with vernier) up to 3000mm. These precision rules are made of .015" thick Spring Steel. Both the linear rule and vernier scale are 12.7mm wide. Calibration Report traceable to NIST is furnished. Specialty sizes available upon request.

Linear Rules are manufactured with the Blue Easy to Read finish.

Specialty sizes available upon request.

Precision Linear Measurement Blue Easy to Read Metric
Purchase Options

Part # Size Price Link
L1MM 0-1000mm rule 269.00 Go to Product Page
L2MM 1000-2000mm rule 294.00 Go to Product Page
L3MM 2000-3000mm rule 310.00 Go to Product Page
L4MM 3000-4000mm rule 350.00 Go to Product Page