Pi Tape brand Blue Easy to Read Precision Inside Diameter O-Ring Tapes are constructed of 1095 Spring Steel and are intended for use in low-light environments. They differ from our standard tapes by featuring a higher contrast facing of white lines and numerals on a dark blue background. They are delivered with a Calibration Report traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The Blue Easy to Read tapes are best used for measuring diameters in low-light environments. They are not intended for use with chemicals or in corrosive environments.

Specialty sizes, widths and larger tapes are available upon request..

Inside Diameter O-Ring Tapes Blue Easy to Read Inch Purchase Options

**The standard width for these tapes is 1/4" gauge member X 1/2" Vernier section.

Diameter Range Blue Easy to Read Price Link
** 2" - 12" I.D. ** RT1EZ 226.00 Go to Product Page
12" - 24" I.D. RT2EZ 250.00 Go to Product Page
24" - 36" I.D. RT3EZ 259.00 Go to Product Page
** 2" - 24" I.D. ** RT1SPEZ 381.00 Go to Product Page
12" - 36" I.D. RT2SPEZ 391.00 Go to Product Page
24" - 48" I.D. RT3SPEZ 408.00 Go to Product Page
36" - 48" I.D. RT4EZ 285.00 Go to Product Page
48" - 60" I.D. RT5EZ 301.00 Go to Product Page
60" - 72" I.D. RT6EZ 315.00 Go to Product Page